Are you a solopreneur?


Do you want to wow your audience with magnificent marketing materials?


Do you want to create beautiful graphics, consistent with your brand, to use on
your website, blog, social media accounts and downloadable documents?

Are you nodding vigorously and saying ‘yes’ to each of my questions?


Then you’re in the right place.


Designsta is an online graphics creation platform for solopreneurs,
created by a solopreneur (who is also a graphic designer).



When you took the bold decision to set up your own business, did you have
any idea how much time you would spend sourcing and creating graphics?



Is Designsta Right For Me?

Designsta is for you if you:

Want professional quality images to use online, without hiring a designer.
Need to move away from generic stock images and create eye-catching
graphics true to your brand.


Enjoy spending time on creating graphics for your business.



What Can I Create On Designsta? 

Social Media Image Posts // Facebook Ads // Facebook Cover Images

Profile Pictures // PayPal Buttons // Web Banners // Web Tabs

Ebook Covers // Ebook Pages // Workbook Covers // Workbook Pages

Brand Guidelines // Mood Boards // Vision Boards

Postcards // Flyers // Posters // Invitations // Email Headers // Blog Images

Business Cards // Letterheads // Price Lists // Menus

Homepage Slider Images // Printables // Infographics // CVs // And much, much more...


How Does Designsta Work?

Designsta is an online tool pre-loaded with dozens of templates,
blank canvases and hundreds of graphic elements.



You can use my templates or create your own graphics from scratch.
When you sign-up for your one-week trial, you’ll be sent a series of
mini-tutorials to help you use the site.


When your image is created, save then download it to your website.



Concerned About Your Design Skills?

Let me introduce myself. I'm Louise, I've been working as a graphic designer
and illustrator for over 12 years since completing my degree in graphic design.
I've worked with businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs just getting started to
Venture Capital backed start-ups and global brands like Redbull,
the Olympic Games and Warner Music.




I've smooshed all that graphic design wisdom and experience into Designsta,
so you can beautify your business, without having to spend mega bucks.



When you join Designsta you get access to my exclusive Facebook community, where you can:

Post your designs and receive constructive, action-focussed feedback from me;

Request additional fonts or images to be added to the platform;

Get technical support and practical help using the tool;

Get advice on colours, fonts and elements that work well together + reflect your brand;

Suggest templates or monthly bundle themes for me to create;

Showcase your designs to other Designsta members.

What You Get For Your Precious Pennies

Unlimited access to the Designsta platform

Unlimited access to all of the fully editable templates available in Designsta

Unlimited access to all design elements, fonts and images in the Designsta library

Full support from me, a pro graphic designer

Unlimited design feedback from me, in the group

Community Support in the exclusive Designsta Facebook Group

Tips, tutorials, inspiration learn how to design as you go

Upload your own images and elements to Designsta

And every month I create a new bundle of graphics and tutorials to teach you how
to develop a specific area of your biz using Desingsta


Already waiting for you in the Members Area:


The Planning Bundle: How to create worksheets, planners, and
schedules to organize yourself for 2016, and share with your tribe.


The Workbook Design Bundle: Learn how to create professional-quality
workbooks to use in your premium offering, or to giveaway as part of your marketing strategy.


The Facebook Ads Bundle: Learn how to create eye-catching
Facebook Ads that conform to the 20% text rule, get scrollers attention, and inspire action.
With business growth strategist and Facebook ads expert Kathy Loewenstern. 
PLUS: Bonus Video Tutorial showing how to use Designsta to create animated gif's.


The Logo Design Bundle: Learn how to create a vector logo and download
it in all the correct formats using the Designsta platform. Logo dos and don'ts and
workbook plus lots of templates that can be easily edited.

The Fabulous Freebies Bundle: Learn all about how to create a fab freebie
to wow your audience and how to set up email automation with guest expert Alethea Tu'itahi
to deliver it straight to their inbox. Plus create eyecatching call-to-action buttons to
use throughout your site / blogs / workbooks.


The Branding Bundle: Branding specialist Stephanie Manuel will show you how to
your own brand mood board and brand style board and explains the importance of having
these visual representations that make up the foundations of your brand - also learn new
techniques for creating consistent social media images - all on the Designsta platform.

The Pattern 'n' Pinterest Bundle: Learn how to maximise the potential of Pinterest by
creating the perfect promo Pinterest image posts and then how to convert them into
resized social media images to share across all of your different social media platforms. 

The Perfect Planner Project: Join in The Perfect Planner Project which is running from October 2016 to January 2017 when we will work on creating our perfect planner for 2017 using all of the available Designsta resources - lots of planner elements, tutorial videos and masterclasses on
how to create your perfect planner.


The Beautify Your Blog Bundle: Featuring guest expert Anureet Sra of the Beautify Your Blog Bundle will help you make your blog or website stand out with gorgeous graphics. Including blog reviews, an interview about what makes a great blog, lots of new templates and design elements plus an exclusive pack of digital washi tape and digital backgrounds created by Anureet, this bundle is one that you do not want to miss.



You can get full access to the Designsta platform, templates,
bundles and Facebook Group for just $1!


Try out Designsta for one week, for just $1.


During the trial period you are welcome to explore the site yourself, and I’ll
also send you daily tutorials (they’re just a few minutes long) to help you create
brand-consistent images right away.


When the week is up, you’ll automatically be added to the monthly membership
program of $25 per month.


You can cancel your membership at any time, there’s no tie-ins.

What will happen after you sign up

After you have set up your PayPal payments I will get notification that you have joined.
I will then manually set you up as a user. You will usually get your login details very
quickly but if it does take a little longer please don't panic - it could just be that we're on
different time zones and I'm still snoozing or that I've stepped away from my computer to
make a cuppa. I will always endeavor to get your login details to you as quickly as I
possibly can. If you have any questions about this please feel free to drop me an email.


This is a small business run by a solopreneur for solopreneurs. Not some faceless corporation.
A real approachable, friendly human who knows each and every one of her customers.




What the other Designstas have to say




"I couldn't have done it without Designsta. I love it.

Makes everything so quick and easy and now
everything looks uniformed."






"Designsta is so incredibly fun! I am enjoying it so
much that I decided to include printables and
workbooks in the way I run my business so I can
have more reasons to play around on this platform!"







"Designsta helps me to create graphics on a daily
basis for my business, no matter what time of day!
The easy to use tools allow me to experiment with
different looks for my business and grow my
design skills"




Try Designsta today!