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I would love for you to come and try out Designsta for 1 week and see how effective it can be for you and your business by helping you to produce top notch graphics. For just $1 you can come and test out this amazing design platform, access all of the editable templates and design elements plus join the Facebook group and hang out with me and all of the other Designsta's. After your 1 week trial you will automatically become a member unless you choose to cancel. Membership can be cancelled at any time by stopping your automatic payments in PayPal. But I'm confident that you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Designsta and you and your business will benefit hugely. What are you waiting for?


Designsta is a super-simple-to-use, fantastic, fabulous, fun (yes I like to alliterate) graphic design platform where you can
create proper cool graphics for your business. It has lots of fully editable templates created by yours truly that you can go in
and edit to your heart's content.

You can change colours, tweak fonts, draw shapes, add doodles, upload your own images...loads of fun stuff.

Designsta is also the word used to describe the awesome members who use the design platform.  



Why YOU Should become a DESIGNSTA!

Getting design right is such a HUUUGE part of running a business.

It has a MAHOOSIVE impact on the kind of people you attract into your biz.

Do you want to:

A) Stand out from your competitors and get noticed for your edgy, cool, individual design?


B) Just blend into the background, be the same as everyone else and not really get noticed?


If you answered yes to A (obviously the correct answer) then you are already on your way to becoming a Designsta.

We don't do blending in.

Sometimes design can be daunting. There is a never ending pile of stuff that you need to design every single day just to
keep your business going and make sure your message is getting out there. I mean, it all has to look good doesn't it?!

But then the doubt creeps in...you're not a graphic designer...does it even look good?! What the flip are you even doing?!
You stare at your design attempts for ages...it's ok...it'll do...it's rubbish...nah, it's alright...OMG THIS IS THE WORST THING
I'VE EVER SEEN...it's quite good...isn't it?! Just...Not...Sure.


Designsta: Relieves Design Horror and Heartache Instantly.

With Designsta, you will banish that doubtful-design-devil that sits on your shoulder. It will be replaced by support from ME your very own pro graphic designer. I'll make sure you always end up with wowzerlicious, profesh looking designs (I promise I won't try and sit on your shoulder though). Yup, you heard it right. As a Designsta, you will be able to hang out with me in my group and share all of your designs, get feedback, tips and tutorials on how you can make the most out of your visuals. You will be able to share your shiz-that-looks-the-biz with the world.

You might even get slightly big headed about how good it all looks - just a warning!




 I'm Louise, I've been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 12 years since completing 
my degree in graphic design. I've worked for a range of companies from small businesses and VC backed start-ups 
to global companies and organisations such as Redbull, the Olympic Games and Warner Music.

I've smooshed all that graphic design wisdom and experience into Designsta, so you can beautify your business, without having to spend mega bucks.

What You Get For Your Precious Pennies?
Premium membership gives you:

Unlimited access to the Designsta platform

Unlimited access to all of the fully editable templates available in Designsta

Unlimited access to all design elements, fonts and images in the Designsta library

Full support from me, a pro graphic designer

Unlimited design feedback from me, in the group

Get your brand fonts added to Designsta

Community Support in the exclusive Designsta Facebook Group

Tips, tutorials, inspiration learn how to design as you go 

Upload your own images and elements to Designsta


What Can You Create?

 Social Media Image Posts // Facebook Ads // Facebook Cover Images // Profile Pictures // PayPal Buttons // Web Banners // Web Tabs

Ebook Covers // Ebook Pages // Workbook Covers // Wookbook Pages // Brand Guidlines // Mood Boards // Vision Boards

Postcards // Flyers // Posters // Invitations // Email Headers // Blog Images // Business Cards // Letterheads // Price Lists // Menus

Homepage Slider Images // Printables // Infographics // CV's // And much, much more...


Change the Colours On Any Template Suit Your Brand...


Membership Options 

 *Automatic payments through Paypal and can be cancelled at any time.

After your 1 week trial you will automatically begin your membership unless you chose to cancel.

You can cancel membership at any time by stopping the automatic payments through PayPal.

What will happen after you sign up 

After you have set up your PayPal payments I will get notification that you have joined. I will then manually set you up as a user. You will usually get your login details very quickly but if it does take a little longer please don't panic - it could just be that we're on different time zones and I'm still snoozing or that I've stepped away from my computer to make a cuppa. I will always endeavor to get your login details to you as quickly as I possibly can. If you have any questions about this please feel free to drop me an email

This is a small business run by a solopreneur for solopreneurs. Not some faceless corporation. A real approachable, friendly human who knows each and every one of her customers.