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How to Create a Great Pinterest Pin in Designsta

Some of you may have heard that Pinterest can do AMAZING things for your business. Pinterest is a social network platform that gives longevity to your social posts. People who regularly share, post and pin great quality content with equally great quality images, have proven that Pinterest does bring more traffic to your website. A Pinterest pin is predominantely a visually interesting graphic, that is accompanied by a description where you can add searchable terms and a website url to help people discover your images and content.

Pinterest can help you get discovered through Google searches, increase the longevity of your content, make sales and increase the reach of your products and services. You know…there are ONLY 200 million users of Pinterest every month! So its a pretty good way of getting your product in front of a lot of people and, to catch their attention you're going to want to have popular pins. In this post I am going to show you how you can make your own Pinterest graphics in Designsta.

There is all sorts of things you could try on Pinterest to boost your posts such as rich pins and promoted pins but if you're looking for ideas for just getting started then read on for some of our tips and suggestions for creating graphics that will help your content soar.

"You know…there are ONLY 200 million users of Pinterest every month! So its a pretty good way of getting your product in front of a lot of people"

TIP ONE: One thing you can do to help build up traffic to your Pinterest is to create a group board where you share pins related to a specific topic. Invite others to join your board and share their images. Also join other people's group boards - you will need to contact the admin to ask for an invite to join a group board and be sure to check out their rules to get ideas of what kind of images you are allowed to post.

TIP TWO: Use an automated pinning software to help you re-pin your pins at different times through out the day. We use Tailwind to help us re-pin our content. Tailwind is probably the smartest way to manage your presence across visual platforms Pinterest and Instagram. The tailwind service offers a complete suite of marketing tools including Smart SchedulingAnalytics & MonitoringContent DiscoveryEducation, Tribes, Hashtag Suggestions and more. With each image you pin to a board you can link it back to a post on your blog which will drive traffic to your website. Be sure to go through and share interesting and relevant
 images that have been pinned as well. This is a great way of building up your followers.

TIP THREE: Set up a basic or VIP Designsta account so you can easily create great quality graphics that will catch peoples attention. If you're getting serious about Pinterest then having the ability to create a great looking Pinterest pin graphic is important. You will be amazed at how many people will be repinning your pins once you start regularly sharing eye-catching pins along with your awesome content. The great thing about Designsta is that there are hundreds of pre-made design templates including Pinterest pins, and a library full of digital and hand-painted design elements. Plus once a month Designsta releases a different themed, hand-painted design bundle that is exclusive to basic and VIP members. 

To use Designsta you don’t need any design experience, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on fancy design software and spend hours Googling how to use a certain tool. It's simple to use, low cost and there is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs waiting to connect with you in our private Facebook groups. There is always constructive feedback if you need it and help from professional designers. 

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Pinning Your Pins

1. Make sure your images stand out and that you are using readable fonts.

2. Add a link each time you upload a pin. For example, a link to your latest blog post or new product.

3. Write a good description for your pin and include as many keywords as you can. Pinterest is a search engine and when people are trying to find what they are looking for, they will type in to the Pinterest search bar. The words they type are the keywords you need to include in your description.

If you like to get social on your phone and use the Pinterest app then it might make it easier for you to be able to create your image content and pins from your mobile - great news, Designsta is now available on mobile. No need to use an app, simply login to your Designsta account from your mobile device, create your images, save, download as a png, and get pinning straight from your phone to the Pinterest app.

6 Steps to Creating Pinterest Pins in Designsta

Step 1. Sign up for Designsta and log in to your account where you can access the main design platform and all of your saved designs.

Step 2. On the main menu in Designsta choose SOCIAL MEDIA, then PINTEREST SIZES (VARIOUS).

Choose which size Pinterest pin template you would like to use. You can choose from any of the pre-designed templates or start fresh and upload your own images, add text and use any of the thousands of design elements already available.

A GREAT PINNING TIP: Long Pinterest pins are better to use rather than small Pinterest pins because there is more chance of them catching peoples attention. You can add more information to the long pins as well but you don’t want to make them too "salesy”.

Step 3

Open the template you wish to use in Designsta. In this tutorial I used a blank 735px X 1600px sized template. Since I first wrote this blog post, Pinterest has updated the image size. Now the recommended Pinterest image size is 600px X 900px. You can change the background colour or leave it white. Here I have chosen to make the background my brand colour blue. If you would like to do the same, simply click on product and then go to background colour, open the colour picker box and select your colour. You can type your hex codes in here too.

Change the background colour or leave it white.

Change the background colour or leave it white


Now you can add some shapes to your pin to give it some structure. In the next image it shows that I have chosen two different sized boxes. One being a light blue rectangle in the centre - this is where my text is going to go. The other is a small white rectangle where I will place my website address.

Make sure the main structure of the pin is centre aligned. By this I mean the boxes where you want your text to sit in. It looks neat and gives it that professional look, besides you don't want odd, wonky boxes hanging off the page! To do this just go over to the left hand side tool bar  where you will find the align panel. Select align centre and then align middle and that will centre anything you want smack bang in the middle of the page. Check out the images below to see how to add shapes and centre align.

Add a shape to your design and select colour.

Centre align.

Add a shape to your design and select colour

Centre align

Step 5

Now you can add text to your Pinterest pin! Make sure to choose contrasting fonts when pairing for your designs. Think beautiful, scripted or handwritten styled fonts paired with clean, simple and modern. You can see some examples of font pairing by clicking here. For my Pinterest pin I have chosen a bold font which reads clearly to my followers and paired it with a lovely scripted font which reads 'Pinterest'. I wanted to keep the writing quite simple but also add a little bit of colour. See below...

Add text and choose your font.

Add text and choose your font

Step 6

Okay, so I did save my design but then I just couldn't help myself and I had to go back in to edit it! I'm slightly obsessed with metallic gold painted brush strokes at the minute so I just HAD to add one to my pin! Each month Designsta releases a unique hand-painted design bundle containing over 100 beautiful and unique design elements for all members to use at no extra cost! IT'S AMAZING!

TA-DAAAH pin complete! Save your design and download it as a png. Now I can post it to my Pinterest and link it to my blog, simples! Another thing I love to do is use my pins to post to my Instagram stories as they are a similar size to the pre-made Instagram Story templates.

We recommend using Tailwind to automate your pins to your Pinterest account.

My finished Pinterest pin

Check out the other Pinterest pins I created in Designsta...

Pinterest Pin

Ready to start creating visual designs and graphics in Designsta?  

There are three levels of Designsta membership for you to choose from - FREE, BASIC and VIP. You can also purchase an Access All Areas pass for 24 hours. Choose which membership level is best suited to you and start designing now. 

Remember to check out the Designsta video vault for short snippet videos that show you each function of Designsta. 

One last thing...

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