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Designsta Spotlight with Laura Robinson

This week in The Designsta Spotlight I would like to introduce you to a lovely member of the Designsta community, Laura Robinson. Keep reading to find out all about Laura's business, her plans and how she uses Designsta...

1) What’s your name and where do you live?

Hello there. I’m Laura and I live by the seaside in East Anglia with my husband, two rapidly-growing sons, and two mischievous tabby cats.


2) What is your business called and what do you do?

My business is Worditude Ltd. I’m a digital copywriter which means I help business owners with the words on their website. Sometimes I do the writing for them, but for the most part I work with entrepreneurs to help them write and refine their own online content, through my courses and monthly VIP program.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta


3) Who is your target audience?

Solo business-builders.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



4) Why did you start your business?

Here’s the edited highlights. Escaped corporate cubicle 9 years ago. Freelanced in writing online content as previous jobs had been in online marketing and internal communications (so lots of writing). Got tired of having little control of who I was writing for - because all my work was handed to me via the agencies I freelanced for. Set up Worditude 3 years ago yesterday, so I could be my own boss.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



5) Describe your brand in 3 words...

Calm, clear, casual.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



6) How long have you used Designsta for?

Since the dawn of time….well since the dawn of Designsta - I’ve been here since the very beginning (and you’re never getting rid of me, mwah-hah-hah-hah-hah).

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



7) What is your favourite thing about Designsta?

I can create an on-brand image to share in about 60 seconds.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta


8 ) How has Designsta helped you grow your business?

I knew how I wanted my brand to look in my head, but weirdly (since communicating is what I do) I found it difficult to convey that vision to someone who could make it happen. Being able to upload my own elements and play around with them in Designsta - plus pinch ideas from the templates - helped me create my own easy-to-recognise style.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



9) If you could offer some advice to a new user of Designsta what would it be?

Learning new things makes me want to break stuff. And sure enough in the early days of using Designsta I may have cried a little. That’s no reflection of the platform. I cry when I have to set up an out of office for my email, so it doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge. My advice would be to push through any initial challenges you have getting started and ask the community and Louise and Lucie for help. Because once you find your stride you can quickly and easily create new designs, or repurpose existing ones.

Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



10) Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
The beach. Doesn’t matter what the time frame, my answer will always be ‘the beach’.


Image above was created by Laura in Designsta



Where can we find you online?

My website: http://writewithworditude.com

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/worditude/

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/worditude

My Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/worditudeltd/pins/