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How to design your own selfie cartoon strip

Learn how to design your own selfie cartoon strip!

I am no photographer. This cartoon strip is made up of selfies I just took on my iPhone. Excuse my ridiculous cheesy expressions in the photos - I'm clearly no model either. I did have lots of fun putting together this little cartoon strip though. Below you will find step by step instructions of how you can put together your own cartoon strip. Even if you don't want to put your photos in a cartoon strip you could still have a go at taking your own selfies to use throughout your branding - adding illustration to your pictures is a cool way of tying your photography in with other on-brand design elements.


Follow my instructions and then share your selfie cartoon graphic on Instagram with the hashtag #imadesignsta and tag @wearedesignsta - I will share some of the best ones on our Instagram profile.


Step 1 - Taking the photos

Pick the SQUARE photo dimensions in your phone camera.
Choose the selfie option (obviously!)
Stand against a white wall in a well lit room with natural sunlight.
Do some silly poses that you can use to tell a story throughout your branding (this is the funny part!)
Pick your favourite photos - some of them will be disastrous if they're anything like mine!


Step 2 - Get the editing app

For these photos I used Colour Story a free app available from the App Store.
I bought the full effects pack with an in-app purchase for £6.99 although you do get some cool free ones.

Play around with the different lighting effects until you get the best result that makes you look fabulous and as profesh as possible! 

Add a Vignette (the shadowy edges!) by clicking TOOLS > ADJUST > scroll along to the end and select VIGNETTE.

When you are happy with the effects you have added to your photo, click the tick in the bottom right corner and then click DONE in the top right corner.

Then hit SAVE EDITING STEPS - this is a brilliant feature which will ensure all of your photos use exactly the same effects and lighting so they will have a consistent look and feel.

Whizz through all of the rest of your photos from your selfie shoot by opening each one in Colour Story, click SAVED > MY SAVED and choose your saved effects, then save.


Step 3 - Designsta your pics!

Log into Designsta (CLICK TO BECOME A MEMBER) and open an 800px social media image blank template.

Upload your selfie shoot pics into your uploads gallery.

Go to the ART tab and click on the IMAGE SHAPE OVERLAYS folder.

Add the cartoon frame to your blank template.

Click on each of your photos in your uploads gallery to add them to your template.

Use the layers panel (top icon on the left hand tool bar) to send your photos behind the frame - use the down arrow to send your photo layers to the back.


Step 4 - Add cartoon elements to your photos!

This is the fun part. Now you can add fun design elements to make your photos come to life. Add a bit of zing, pow, pop or kapow to your pics. Have a good rummage through the design elements availble in Designsta under the ART tab - or if you want to upload your own, make sure they are saved as png files. Change the design elements to match your brand colours.


Step 5 - Add your text! 

Tell your story by adding text to the white boxes in the frame.


Wham bam, that's you done! And if you don't want to go the whole hog with a cartoon strip then have a play around and try something like this:



Have fun playing!

Louise xx



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