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Create Amazing Social Media Graphics in Designsta The Free Online Design Platform

Whether you have used Designsta before or this is your first time hearing about it, you are in for a treat! Until very recently Designsta was a paid platform only but I am very excited to announce that we have now launched Designsta as a free online design platform. Wooohooo! You can now access all of the square social media templates free of charge. This means you can create stunning Instagram and Facebook graphics in a matter of minutes for FREE! 
What is Designsta?
Designsta is a free online design platform where you can create amazing graphics in minutes no matter what your skill level. With drag and drop features you can access fully editable templates where you can change the colours, edit text, fonts and upload your own images and design elements. With hundreds of editable templates that you can access for free, Designsta makes creating content for your business, blog or project so much quicker and easier. 
If you have slightly bigger design needs you can opt for one of Designsta’s affordable paid memberships where you can access all of the templates including, workbooks, web graphics, printables, planners, vision boards, infographics, opt-in freebies and so much more. With the paid versions of Designsta you get access to over 4,000 design elements and a monthly design element bundle which includes over 100 hand-painted design elements, all created by our in-house designer. Designsta takes the headache out of having to regularly create visual content - with so much inspiration you will never be stuck for ideas!
Why is Designsta now a free online design platform?
The reason we decided to open Designsta up as a free online design platform is so that we can help more people grow their social followings with professionally designed graphic templates. Plus we want to show the world just how amazing Designsta is. There are other membership tiers available with Designsta such as Basic, VIP and a 24 Hours Access All Areas Pass. To read more on each of our membership options check out this page.
What can you create for free in Designsta?
In the Designsta free online design platform you can access hundreds of square 800 pixel, fully editable templates. Graphics that you can create in Designsta for free include: on-brand Instagram graphics, on-brand Facebook graphics, on-brand blog graphics, mood boards, profile pictures, you can upload your own images and add text to them, you can create text based call-to-actions and buttons. You can have so much fun playing around with the free templates, try it out for yourself and see how your creativity gets flowing. Designsta is now available on mobile as well as desktop, there’s no need to download an app - simply log into your Designsta account from your mobile device or tablet and get designing on the go. Perfect for uploading your designs straight to Instagram. 
What can you do with your free Designsta account?
In your free Designsta account, you can create designs, save them and have the ability to go back in and edit them whenever you need to. You can upload your own images and logo. You can edit text and change fonts, choosing from an extensive font library. You can change colours and add your own colour hex codes. You can draw shapes and straight lines and, hey, you can even create QR codes on your designs if you need to. 
Grow your Instagram following with Designsta
Need to grow your Instagram account - the Designsta free online design platform will help you do this. In order to grow your Instagram following it is so important to have eye-catching visual content that you can share. In the free version of Designsta you can access hundreds of Instagram sized templates (with more being added regularly). You can tweak, edit or completely change the templates to make beautiful on-brand Instagram graphics. Ideas for Instagram graphics are quotes, tips, questions, photos, about us posts, how-to posts, testimonials, case studies, featured product graphics, blog graphics to promote your latest post, mood boards, motivational posts, statistics posts, competition or challenge posts, recommendations ie. for books / products, advertise your freebie, announcements, funny posts or memes, tag someone who... posts, events posts, posts to announce and promote your hashtag. There are so many possibilities for what you can create in Designsta to grow your Instagram following - comment below with any other ideas / suggestions for Instagram posts. 
Grow your Facebook following with Designsta 
The Designsta free online design platform is great for helping you create graphic content for Facebook - if you run a Facebook page or group then there’s so many options for what you could create using the free square templates in Designsta. Many of the post ideas I mentioned above for Instagram would also be great for Facebook too. If you run a Facebook group there are many graphics that you could create to help organise your group, such as themed days - for example, ‘Winning Wednesday’, ‘Friendship Friday’ etc. You can create posts to try and get people engaging in the comments section below such as posts for people to share their website or latest blog post, or ask for recommendations / tips / job postings. A great way to celebrate your community is to create a ‘member spotlight’ post. Also posts to let people know what is happening on each day. Comment below and let us know what kind of posts have been most successful for you on Facebook.
Sign up and get going today in the Designsta free online design platform and get creating exciting visual content. Don’t forget to add the #designsta to your posts on Facebook or Instagram for the chance to win a 3 month VIP membership.